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The most powerful Internet monitoring utility available. It does everything that the $1,000 - 3,000
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Greg Gordon
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19 September 2003

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Employee Monitoring is an excellent employee surveillance system available for small businesses and organizations. Its unique advantage lies in its ability to provide comprehensive Internet monitoring simply and quickly. Employee Monitoring tracks the usage of the most highly used Web applications, like Real Player, QuickTime, Morpheus, KaZaa, the four primary instant messaging programs, email, and much more. Few other programs in the market are capable of tracking all such activities. It helps mitigate costly liabilities, track destructive behaviors, prevent intellectual property, stop internal data theft and identify wasted resources. This software is extremely easy to install and use, you won’t even need an in-house IT personnel plus it costs really less. It does not even need a separate server. It can run on a standard work-station that is simultaneously performing other tasks. Employee Monitoring is the most cost effective and sound monitoring system available.

Publisher's description

Employee Monitoring is the most dependable, powerful, capable, and very affordable, Internet monitor in the world. It records all Internet activity including all web surfing and instant messaging on MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ. E.M. records any file downloads and streaming content and all emails including POP3 and I/M usernames and PASSWORDS. E.M. searches for and alerts prohibited Internet use.
It's advanced architecture is designed especially for large companies, universities, libraries and ISPs, yet its methods and feature set are configured for non-technical deployment and utilization.
Employee Monitoring overcomes the 5 Main Obstacles of Employee Internet Monitoring (EIM) corporate deployment:
1) High Expense- Only $299, it comes at one of the lowest prices in the industry;
2) Multiple Installations- Most EIM products require installations on every computer, causing major access, privacy and compatibility problems. (Additional costs range from $49 to $179 per license = Thousands.) E.M. can monitor thousands of computers from just one computer, one installation, one license;
3) Technical Complexity- Employee Monitoring is simple, anyone can install and operate it;
4) Incomplete Surveillance- Employee Monitoring is unique in that it monitors and records ALL WEB SURFING, EMAIL, INSTANT MESSAGING, DOWNLOADS, STREAMING CONTENT, and more, and provides USERNAMES and PASSWORDS.
5) Inconvenient- Through the use of its Watch List feature, Employee Monitoring alerts management early when employees begin wasting time or breaking company Internet policies.
Not only is Employee Monitoring a potent productivity tool, it’s also a great network diagnostic utility tool, spyware detector, bandwidth monitor, sniffer, security tool and intellectual property theft deterrent. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! Within minutes you'll be providing detailed management information regarding employee performance! We'll show you how!
Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring
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